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Warrior Canine Connection - Capturing Hearts and Current Conditions

CADD MicrosystemsJuly 1st, 2016

The Warrior Canine Connection (WCC) is a non-profit that both breeds and trains service animals to help wounded warriors suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. The idea is that both the trainer and the animals develop a bond socially to help train the animals to be service dogs for other veterans in need. By serving as a trainer of the animals, the trainer is able to focus their energy and effort into this important mission while also making the transition back to life at home.

The mission itself has gained so much support that WCC had leased a property in order to expand their organization. WCC found property suitable to meet their needs in the form of an old farm with plenty of space, open fields, and old barns. WCC required a new training facility for the service animals and trainers, animal housing, trainer housing, and grounds keeping buildings to be built on the new property. The challenge that WCC was faced with was to either renovate the existing structures on the property or demolish them and make way for new construction. Before any effort could take place, the structures needed to be analyzed, assessed, and recreated in digital form so that the design work could take place. They needed help throughout the entire construction effort and CADD Microsystems, along with Autodesk and other partners, were more than ready to assist. And this is where I come in.

Using new workflows around Point Cloud to Model technology, I was able to create a BIM-Ready Revit model of the existing structures that would be used in the design of new facilities. Using a tripod Faro scanner, Pete Kelsey of Autodesk, was able to scan both the exterior and interiors of the existing structures on the site. The scanner would scan each location in a 6-12 minute span, gathering and building a Point Cloud Model. Once Pete was finished with the scanning of the site and existing structures, he produced a point cloud model of the property.

It was now time to produce a model. Using ReCap 360 Pro, I was able to navigate the 3D point cloud model to understand, visualize, and contextualize the property. However, the point cloud model alone does not support the construction and design effort. What was needed was a BIM-Ready model. So, using Revit, I linked the produced point cloud model and was able to use it as a basis of design. I was able to build the walls, floors, beans, structural trusses, and other structural features that were crucial in understanding and analyzing the current conditions of the site and it's structures. When the smoke cleared, I was left with a Revit model ready to be used by contractors to design new facilities. This is a tremendous leap forward using today's point cloud technology to accelerate the design process by capturing what exists on the site before construction takes place and saving time without having to draw plans or take measurements manually.

It was time to share the work. Using BIM 360 Docs, I was able to share the work with all the stakeholders of the project to further support collaboration and coordination throughout the design, construction, and hand-off processes. One of the best features ofBIM 360Docs is it's ability to view a 3D model in the web browser and Ipad app. Everyone loves a good rendered 3D model to play with. However, often times it requires a plugin or a application or 3D design software to run. WithBIM 360Docs, anyone can open a 3D model inside their web browser and use it as a visualization tool; gaining crucial knowledge and contextual insight to the project without having to learn new software or buy expensive applications.

This was a humbling and wonderful project to take part in. The experience of continuing to work with the WCC has been invaluable. CADD Microsystems and myself are grateful to be a part of it and donate our time.

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