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What you should know about Autodesk Flex

Emily CanadaJanuary 3rd, 2022

Autodesk has announced a new licensing model option called Flex. Flex is a token-based model where you buy tokens for your team, and tokens are redeemed when users open the software, at a daily rate. We have been gathering information and crunching the numbers so we can help you decide if adding Flex to your existing subscriptions could be beneficial.

Flex can be beneficial for companies that do not have a significant investment in Autodesk tools already, use more than one type of software, have many infrequent users, or want to try new products regularly and do not have access to those products today.

Below are a couple of noteworthy things to consider when deciding whether to include Flex tokens in your portfolio. But don’t worry, we are here to help you. We have tools to help you understand your license utilization and determine what the best solution is for your business – whether it is Flex, Autodesk subscription, or a hybrid.

Tokens are managed in the Autodesk Account.

You will manage your tokens in the Autodesk Account alongside your other subscriptions. You can assign users tokens and can allow access to certain or all products available with Flex. You can also view your token usage in the Reporting section of your Autodesk Account. Customers with a standard subscription will have insights into token usage by product. Customers with Premium Subscription will have insights into Token usage by product and by user.

Check your assignments.

If a user is assigned to both subscriptions and Flex, it will default to using the subscription. If you are looking to re-assign a user from a subscription to Flex tokens, you need to un-assign their subscription seat.

Tokens are good for one year.

Tokens are available up to one year after the purchase date. If you do not use the tokens, they do not rollover. It's important to understand your usage prior to purchasing tokens, to ensure you do not have any tokens that go to waste.  If you find yourself in a place where you need more tokens, you can purchase tokens through CADD Microsystems at any time, not just at a renewal point.

Token rates can change.

Daily token rates are aligned to subscription pricing and subscription prices can change during your Flex token term.  If there is a subscription price change, Autodesk will provide you with 30 days' notice of the price change.

Product use is charged every 24 hours.

Product use is charged every 24 hours after the user opens the product. There is no timeout feature, and users are not notified when they are reaching or extending past the 24 hour period.  Users need to remember to close the software, or it will continue to charge for usage.  There is an accidental use allowance of 5 minutes without deduction.  If someone accidentally opens the software, they have 5 minutes to exit the software before being charged the daily rate.

Not all products are available with Flex.

Check out the current products available with Flex tokens: Flex Rate Sheet

These are just a few features of the Flex licensing model that we thought were important to share. At CADD Microsystems we are experts at helping customers figure out the best licensing models available and want to make sure you make the most informed decision with your software solution.

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