Where, oh where, has the For the Field Folder gone?

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For those who have recently created an ACC project, you may notice the absence of a specific folder in your Project, the For the Field Folder.

BUT WHERE HAS IT GONE?? Well, it is intentionally not in there if you have created a Project after the 22nd of March 2022. That’s correct, the For the Field Folder will not be in your Project if the Project was created after the 22nd. Why is this? Because now the Project Files Folder can be synced to mobile, eliminating the need to transfer the files to the For the Field Folder.

Ok, but what about all my old Projects? Autodesk included a cool feature that allows a one-time move of the For the Field Folder by a Project Administrator. But think about it, because once the folder has been moved it cannot be undone, FOR-EV-ER.

This leads us to another possible situation, one where Teams were using the For the Field Folder to share documents with Everyone. The Everyone permission setting is now available as assignable to any folder in Project Files. So, no sweat, we can recreate the “Everyone” Folder easily if needed.

Hopefully, this post sheds some light on the location of the folder. Check in later for more information about Autodesk Build and stay safe out there!

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