New whitepapers recently added to CADD Community

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Dynamo is a hot topic among Revit users, and for a good reason. As a graphical programming tool explicitly built for design, it provides a relatively easy way for teams to automate everyday design and model maintenance tasks with the click of a button. Of course, like most things related to technology, this ease-of-use assumes everything is built on a solid foundation.

That’s where our newest addition to the CADD Community comes in. We recently launched a collection of technical whitepapers for Revit users with a brand-new whitepaper on how best to setup and use Dynamo within a firm.

Here’s a peek at the new whitepaper:

Best Practices

This new whitepaper provides a great foundation for your clients to build upon as they look to integrate Dynamo into their workflow, and joins the growing collection of whitepapers assets inside each of our nine content packs exclusively available to CADD Community members.

Download them now only on the CADD Community: CADD Downloads – FAQs and Whitepapers – Technical Whitepapers for Revit users. 


The CADD Community provides our members with exclusive access to award-winning training and valuable industry resources including 70+ whitepapers, content packs, instructional videos, downloads, and interactive courses. Not a member? Registering is easy – sign up today and get started!

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