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Why You Should Make The Move From PlanGrid to Autodesk Build at Your Next Renewal

Matthew HarrakaApril 1st, 2021

In February of 2021, Autodesk announced the release of the NEW Autodesk Build product, a more robust project management software.

When your renewal date approaches for your PlanGrid subscription, you now have the choice to renew your subscription with us on the Autodesk Build platform. Here’s why we think that you should make the move to Autodesk Build:

  1. Autodesk Build is built on top of Autodesk Docs. If you subscribe to Autodesk Collections - you get access to Autodesk Docs as part of your Collection, and at no additional cost. This is a great way to connect the field and the office in a single, common data environment.
  2. Autodesk Build is sold on annual or multi-year terms on a per user basis and you have the option to align it with your existing contracts to save you money and streamline purchasing.
  3. You get the best of both worlds.  You can continue to use and access "Legacy" PlanGrid as you have been, while starting new projects in Autodesk Build which, merges PlanGrid andBIM 360and extends them with new features, continued development, and meaningful integrations.
We can help your team transition to Autodesk Build!

Our Construction Practice Manager (that’s me!) is offering a one-hour onboarding call to Autodesk Build for you and your team members. During that call, we'll get you activated on the Autodesk Account and the Unified Platform hub, add and assign users, create a sample project, and provide a high-level overview of the features of Autodesk Build including Files through Autodesk Docs, Meetings, RFI’s, Submittals and more!

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