Civil Engineers design and maintain the infrastructure backbone of the world.  If you drive on a road, get clean water from a sink, or play soccer on a school field, it was Civil Engineers and Surveyors that made it possible. These professionals rely on powerful software to complete their work efficiently and ensure that design standards are met and a high-level of accuracy is achieved on every project to best serve the public.

CADD Microsystems has spent more than 30 years partnering with Civil Engineers, Surveyors, Landscape Architects, Planners, and other Infrastructure specialists to provide them with the right software, valuable assets, effective training, and helpful support that allow their teams to focus on the quality of their work instead of on the tools they use.  We learn their pain points and draw from the experiences of others to develop custom recommendations and best practices for addressing them effectively.

We help our most successful customers:

  • Harness the power of 3D, intelligent models and valuable data to create accurate plans and construction documents.
  • Complete more work with less resources.
  • Create consistent, professional output.
  • Collaborate with multiple disciplines such as architecture, MEP, and construction management.

We assist clients achieve all that by mitigating the challenges of inconsistent or non-existent standards, missing project deadlines due to technology issues, and keeping production staff trained consistently. We turn those challenges into competitive advantages.

We can help with:

  • Land Planning and Development
  • Road and Transportation Design
  • Utility Layout and Design
  • Site Grading and Excavation
  • Landfills, Earth Dams, and Levees
  • Environmental and Coastal Engineering
  • Stormwater Management
  • Surveying


Success Stories

Contractor Packet Development and Assistance

CADD assisted a major Washington, DC utility company with the development of an AutoCAD and Civil 3D standards packet and documentation that could be sent out for use by their contractors, ensuring content would be delivered to and by their team in a consistent, accepted standard across projects.

CAD Management Support

CADD provided support to the CAD Management team of a major firm headquartered in Maryland.  After assisting the team in the development of their CAD Standards, CADD attended regularly scheduled meetings with the CAD Management team and their leadership to provide guidance, recommendations, and decision-making assistance.

CAD Standards Migration and ongoing Training

CADD worked with a large government organization to help in the updating and migration of CAD and Civil 3D Standards and documentation that are used by firms throughout the country. To accomplish this, CADD held meetings with different design and survey groups across the organization’s nation-wide locations to learn of their needs, pain points, and ideas.  CADD then worked with the leadership to assist with decision making on which updates should be made and making those changes across the standards. Upon completion, CADD provided live, online, instructional sessions for the teams to learn not only how to set up the standards, but also some tips and tricks for using them in the most effective way. A recording of the session was also provided for future use of the organization’s team members and contractors.  In addition, CADD continues to provide classroom and instructional training on multiple software packages to students from this organization across the country.

Hardcopy Digitizing and Cataloging

CADD partnered with RPG to digitize the hardcopy libraries of a large medical company based in Maryland.  This service included drawing scanning, review and configuration of standard sheet data, OCR, and the creation of a searchable, selectable drawing catalog.

Technology and Workflow Assessment and Assistance

CADD performed a Technology Process Assessment and additional consulting assistance for a multi-location, multi-discipline firm based in Virginia.  The services began with interviews of staff with different project roles, including surveyors, drafters, designers, Project Managers, and IT professionals, as well as an examination of their existing Project Structure and CAD Standards.  This resulted in a document outlining our findings and recommendations, which CADD then assisted the firm with putting into place.  These additional services included Standards updates and additions, project structure changes, and a series of Lunch-N-Learn sessions to get their users on the same page on how the software and standards should be used in the firm.