The Construction Management teams of today demand better tools, technology, and processes to work efficiently and safely. Finding the right combination of process and technology can be challenging, but when implemented correctly, leads to increased profits by reducing error and increasing efficiency.

And as an Autodesk Construction Cloud Elite Partner - one of only eight in North America - CADD Microsystems is uniquely positioned to help.

At CADD, we build construction and PM solutions that reduce rework, are intuitive to field personnel, help collaborate and share information across their project team, get information to and from the field easily, and help reduce and mitigate risk and change orders. Our team consists of industry experts that have years of experience overcoming the same obstacles you encounter every day.

We help our most successful customers:
    • Reduce project rework and change orders
    • Use BIM model data more efficiently with cloud technology
    • Incorporate best practices into processes and technology
    • Increase communication and collaboration between the office and the field
    • Optimize workflows for document management and information exchange among various stakeholders

We help them achieve all that by mitigating the challenges of siloed project information, tools that don’t integrate with each other, and duplicated efforts in the field and the office that result in loss of efficiency and data integrity.


Success Stories


CADD worked with a large mechanical design build company facilitate and manage model coordination on their large projects. As their outsourced VDC strategy and project management, we provided QA to make sure that their models were coordinated and reduced conflicts in the field during construction. We worked with on- and offsite teams to manage the model, ran clash detection, and to get it ready to go to construction. Our final deliverable is a clash-free as-built for handover.