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BIM Documents

Every organization needs to define its own path to BIM, and we can help you get there.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) delivers on its many promises – increasing ROI by allowing you to make better design decisions, build more efficiently, and maintain building portfolios more effectively.

Our team of BIM consultants can build you a customized set of BIM documents, bringing in our extensive knowledge of the industry and tailoring it to your specific needs. Our custom BIM Documents become the backbone of your BIM practice, ensuring consistency across processes and deliverables, both within your organization and among your external stakeholders.

About our BIM Documents

BIM Playbook

BIM Documents clearly define what you want out of your BIM process, both for final deliverables and the processes involved for all parties to get there. These documents are critical in ensuring consistency and standardization, leading to increased efficiency and decreased costs. Your playbook includes the following:

  • BIM Requirements Document, defining your specific submittal and modeling requirements, including Level of Development (LOD). Typically, these documents are used as contract addenda for following your BIM processes, adding the additional contract language and requirements for project submittals.
  • BIM Project Execution Plan, a workbook template outlining project-specific information such as key stakeholders, milestones, who is going to model what, to what level of detail, and when.
  • Executive Summary Presentation to help internally educate your organization.


  • ROI - Having clear, detailed BIM Documents can pay for themselves with just one successful project.
  • Consistency - Ensure the design, build and operate teams are all using the same predeterminded processes.
  • Standardization - Clearly defined standards for how both graphics and data should be modeled is critical.
  • Clear & Communicated Expectations - A clear set of BIM documents can minimize rework and the likelihood that the model will be unusable down the road.
  • Built-In QA/QC - BIM Documents assure quality from the onset of a project, and include built-in processes to check that quality throughout the life of the project.
  • Long-term Usability - Detailed BIM Documents allow you to build a library of standardized, consistent models for when you're ready to take that next step in your BIM evolution.

Ideal For:

  • Federal government entities that own manage, or lease buildings
  • State and local government agencies
  • Commercial property management companies with portfolios of buildings to manage
  • School, college and university campuses
  • Builders, general contractors and subcontractors involved with BIM projects
  • Architects, engineers and consultants who want to meet owner requirements and produce better deliverables


  • Our BIM experts will work closely and continually with your team throughout the whole process, to ensure you are getting the BIM process and deliverables that work best for your organization. With kickoff, planning and review meetings built into the schedule, you’ll know where we are every step of the way.
  • Your BIM Documents will typically be delivered within 8-10 weeks of kickoff.