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Bluebeam Quick Start

Ensure your team uses Revu to its fullest

Bluebeam Revu is a PDF viewing and markup tool that helps architecture, engineering and construction teams connect office and field with a reliable, easily-accessible single source of truth.

To ensure your team uses Revu to its fullest, you want to make sure everything is configured to your specifications. This includes configuration, user training, and starter Bluebeam Revu tools. That’s where our Bluebeam Revu Quick Start can help!

About our Bluebeam Quick Start

Our Quick Start allows you to take advantage of the experience that CADD consultants have as a Bluebeam Platinum Partner, implementing and adopting the latest design technology. The Quick Start covers the essential tasks needed to bring project teams, departments and entire enterprises up and running quickly with Bluebeam Revu.

What's Included

  • Help your IT team understand Revu deployment options
  • Address any registration issues before your users need to get into the software

Deployment Support and Org Admin Portal Assistance

  • 4 hours of consultant-led technical instruction
  • Includes a wide variety of Revu topics to get your team up and running: Getting Started; Markup Tools; Document Management; Estimation & Takeoffs; and more

Virtual Education

  • Dozens of Revu Tools, organized into 12 discipline- and group-specific Tool Sets
  • Markup, notation and drafting tools based on CADD's years of experience supporting Bluebeam Revu