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Construction Technology Process Assessment

Maximize your construction technology to increase profit and reduce risk

Our Construction Technology Process Assessment delivers concise recommendations to improve your processes and provide an immediate return on investment. We uncover challenges and obstacles inherent with construction technologies and develop a plan of action to overcome these challenges. Your final deliverable is a comprehensive analysis document with our expert observations, commentary and recommendations, providing a roadmap for your success.

About our Construction Technology Process Assessment

Construction Challenges

  • You aren’t getting the desired ROI from your technology spend
  • Employees are challenged with implementations and steep learning curves
  • Missed deadlines are an issue due to re-work or technology issues
  • Multiple software solutions overlap capabilities, creating confusion and inefficiency
  • Project information is siloed and not available across project phases, departments and tools
  • Duplication of efforts in the field and office results in loss of efficiency and data integrity
  • Subcontractors build from outdated construction documents, requiring costly rework

What You Get

Our TPA Ensures:

  • Leadership alignment with the construction teams
  • BIM model data is used more efficiently with cloud technology
  • Advantages are gained through business best practices
  • Better communication and collaboration between the office and the field
  • Optimized workflows for document management and information exchange among various stakeholders
  • Reduced project rework and change orders
  • Consistent and streamlined project templates, standards and content
  • Increased automation leads to improved data accuracy and efficiencies
Our Process

Our detailed assessments include targeted interviews with project team members, questionnaires, project reviews, standards reviews, and a thorough analysis of all data collected. The final assessment document will provide a roadmap for success.

Phase 1 - Kickoff

  • Align expectations
  • Review process
  • Confirm schedule

Phase 2 - Data gathering

  • Exchange files
  • Complete questionnaire
  • Complete surveys

###Phase 3 - Interviews

  • Conduct meetings with key personnel
  • Gather business and process insights

Phase 4 - Analysis and write-up

  • Analyze data
  • Document observations
  • Provide recommendations

Phase 5 - Delivery

  • Present recommendations
  • Deliver TPA document and raw data


  • Your TPA will generally be delivered within 4-8 weeks of kickoff.