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Hourly Assistance

Add bandwidth to make your project teams more efficient

Hourly Assistance from CADD Microsystems is an easy and flexible way to get access to our technical specialists on your schedule. You decide when you need us, what you need us for, and schedule our services. It’s that simple.

Hourly Assistance is our flexible and scalable service designed to keep you and your business on the path to success. We can help with Autodesk, Bluebeam and FM:Systems workflows, content creation, standards development, one-on-one instruction, project and coordination assistance, product maintenance and more.

About our Hourly Assistance

We can help if:

  • Software administration is impacting your billable project time - things likes license management, deployments, updates, configurations and profiles
  • You miss deadlines due to bandwidth issue
  • You don't have the necessary library content for your designers
  • Standards, templates and styles haven't been defined or are inconsistent
  • Drawing coordination efforts like BIM coordination and clash detection are too time-consuming

Reap the Benefits

  • Flexibility for real-time project assistance - the hours are there and ready to be used
  • Our collaborative software allows us to work directly with your team members to share screens and access their computers remotely
  • Take advantage of our bandwidth and skillset on-demand
  • Take advantage of the collective expertise of all of our consultants
  • We add new capabilities to your project teams vs hiring full-time personnel
  • Streamlined purchasing and predictable annual budgeting
How We Can Help

Our Hourly Assistance is purchased with no defined scope or deliverable, so the hours are flexible for you to use how you’d like.

Content Creation

  • AutoCAD blocks/ dynamic blocks/ multi-view
  • AutoCAD styles/ devices/ fittings
  • Revit families
  • Civil 3D styles
  • Curriculum development

Standards Development

  • Templates
  • Plotting/ printing standards
  • Layers, Lineweights and other settings

Private/ Customized Industry or Product Presentations

  • Product features and overviews
  • Lunchtime presentations
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Topic lessons
  • CADD Community/ Global eTraining

One-on-one Instruction

  • Foundation or gap training
  • Continuing education
  • Questions and answers

Project Team Assistance

  • Modeling assistance
  • Drafting assistance
  • Step-by-step procedures
  • Process documentation and assistance
  • Documenting standards
  • Drawing cleanup and updates
  • Polylining
  • Space verification and walk-throughs

Product Maintenance

  • License management and deployments
  • Software updates/ upgrades
  • Profiles and configurations
  • Technical support/ troubleshooting
  • Software administration
  • Deployments of out-of-the-box reports

Coordination Assistance

  • BIM coordination
  • Clash detection