Product Description Includes

Dynamo Studio

Dynamo Studio is a visual programming environment that enables designers to explore parametric conceptual designs and automate tasks.   Integrate automation into the BIM (Building Information... Learn more
Explore visual programmingConnect software workflowsSolve complex geometry problemsDo more with less effortHelp your designs take shape


FM:Interact, a modular suite of Web-based applications, enables organizations to access and analyze facilities, real estate and maintenance information in real-time. By providing accurate, up-to-... Learn more
  • Manage your facilities across multiple locations
  • Access property information with a simple point and click map-based interface
  • Run live reports, view floor plans, search archived drawings and critical documents
  • Share facility data with management, partners and internal customers via your corporate Intranet
  • Dynamically search for employees and related information


Autodesk Takeoff offers 2D takeoffs & 3D quantities from a single solution. Win more work with competitive bids that are generated from accurate estimates produced from integrated takeoffs and... Learn more
Collaboration-firstAutomation-enabledInsight-drivenHelp your designs take shape