Strategies on how to maximize year-end budget

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The Government Federal year-end is coming up on 9/30. With the end of Summer and back to school, this date can easily sneak up on you. That’s why we’ve compiled our favorite list of webinars, helpful tips and strategies on how you can maximize your end-of-year budget. Read on to learn more.

Upcoming Webinars:
We offer a variety of webinars that provide helpful tips on how to best use your Autodesk software. Click here to view the list and register for one of our upcoming webinars.

Autodesk Software 
Projects that involve collaboration are never simple. Deadlines, productivity and coordination are just a few of the many challenges our customers face throughout the lifecycle of a project. We’re experts in a variety of software and can provide you the tools necessary to tackle any project. More info

Professional Services
Getting access to our expert professional services team is just one benefit of partnering with CADD Microsystems. Our experts are dedicated to recognizing and solving your technical challenges. We’ll save you valuable time while helping you maximize your Autodesk software investment. More info

AAA Program
When you purchase Autodesk software through CADD Microsystems, you’ll benefit from our Autodesk Account Assistance Program. We’ll provide your license file in a timely manner, help you set up your Autodesk Account, and install and set up your license manager. We’ll also download, burn and provide your media if you need it that way. More info

The CADD Community & GeT Training
Get connected to award-winning training and productivity tools. The CADD Community, powered by Global eTraining, provides members with exclusive access to valuable industry resources including Autodesk training courses, model content packs, apps, and whitepapers – available 24/7. More info

Live Training
Everyone could benefit from a little guidance when it comes to using Autodesk software to its full potential. That’s why CADD Microsystems offers the best of both worlds with live, in-classroom and Instructor-led online training courses. We can also build a customized course specific to your needs. More info

These are all considerations when examining your year-end budget. September is right around the corner, so now’s the time to get started! Contact us today to help your agency procure mission-critical software, training, consulting and helpdesk services. We’re happy to help.

Register for an upcoming webinar

The Government Federal year-end is coming up on 9/30. Register now for one of our upcoming webinars for helpful tips and strategies on how you can maximize your end-of-year budget.

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