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What to know about Revu 2019 Registration

Eden DavisJuly 24th, 2023

If you’re still using Revu 2019, you may have some lingering questions about what End-of-Life (EOL) means for you and your end-users.

Right now, Studio is affected the most. The deadline to download Studio Projects from Revu 19 was 6/28/23. If you weren’t using Studio, you may be thinking you’re in the clear, right? Not quite — there is still one major thing to be aware of and that’s registration. Now you might be thinking “but Eden, I’m in Revu 19 right now and I don’t have any issues with my licensing!” and that’s great! It’s what I like to hear. But as your friendly neighborhood CADD Care guru, my goal is to make sure we can resolve current issues and curb future ones.

Check out this statement from the Revu 2019 & below End of Life (EOL) effective June 28, 2023 FAQ/Guide:

Limited functionality

After the EOS date, users can no longer downgrade to this version.

After the official EOL date, license registration may continue to work but cannot be guaranteed due to third-party dependencies and the unsupported nature of these retired versions.

This means one of two things for end-users and admins:

Activation for Revu 2019 is working now, but it won’t be guaranteed in the future and may end without notice and… Because of this, we recommend being extra vigilant with unregistering old machines, as there is no guarantee that Bluebeam Support can assist with unregistering old devices, even if activation is still working! If you need instructions for unregistering Revu from a computer before retiring it, or transferring it to another user, I’ve outlined the steps below:

On the source computer

  1. Open Revu and go to Revu > Unregister. Close Revu.
  2. Open the Windows Start menu and then select Apps and Features (Programs and Features).
  3. Select Bluebeam Revu and then select Uninstall. Follow the on-screen prompts to continue uninstalling the software.

That’s it, folks. Goodnight & good luck.

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