Autodesk University 2019 Class Selections Announced

Autodesk University 2019 Class Selections
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Like the sweltering weather outside, preparations for Autodesk University 2019 are heating up. Although we’re still several months away from the start of the conference on November 19th, excitement is already building among your CADD Microsystems team. We’re excited not only to see clients like yourself but also contribute to the conference as speakers.

Autodesk received more than 2,400 class proposals from experts at CADD Microsystems and across the world. Those proposals received almost 76,000 votes from community members like yourself. With those votes and more, the team at Autodesk selected 700+ sessions for the conference.

Registration for Autodesk University at The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV opens in a few weeks on August 7, 2019. Although you can register until the start of the event, we encourage you to register as soon as possible. Not only does registering early lock in the best price, but it also ensures the best class selection. While AU offers hundreds of classes, popular classes fill up fast.
Among the classes you’ll have to choose from are four from your team at CADD Microsystems. Those classes include:

AutoCAD Tips, Tricks, and More Delightful Drafting Techniques

Donnie Gladfelter
If you want to master AutoCAD, join Autodesk Expert Elite member Donnie The CAD Geek, Gladfelter as he shares a plethora of power-user tips acquired from writing six books on AutoCAD and blogging for more than a decade. Donnie will take you through a powerful collection of proven productivity techniques that are certain to improve your everyday drawing life. From simple to advanced, you are sure to discover new ways to remove tedium and boost your ability to meet project deadlines.

  • Complete common AutoCAD tasks in fewer steps.
  • Harness recently added features to improve productivity.
  • Leverage AutoCAD across platforms (desktop, web, & mobile) to improve collaboration.
  • Use secret tips AutoCAD software veterans and gurus know.

Making Your AutoCAD Work Faster (for People Who Don’t Want to Learn to Code)

T.J. Meehan
Are you an experienced AutoCAD user? Do you want to get even better and faster at it? Have you looked at other sessions about coding or customizing AutoCAD and thought they seemed too complicated? This session is for you! Learn how to do simple automation tasks to save you time and be more productive. Even though we will use LISP, this is NOT A CODING CLASS. If you can type some commends at the Command Line, we’ll use that knowledge to help you build some simple automated routines. For example, what if you could just type in 4 and you’re automatically offsetting 4” or type in ZZ and you zoom to extents and then back out 10%? You will learn many, many more of these simple tools and how you can set them all up in one or two text files to take with you the rest of your AutoCAD career.

  • Understand the simplest way to build your own routines and take them with you.
  • Learn how to create dozens of time-saving routines in AutoCAD.
  • Walk away with a library of hundreds of these routines that you can use.
  • Understand the differences between script files, LISP routines, and PGP files.

Revit Dashboards the Cheap and Easy Way

Jason Kunkel
Having a dashboard for your Revit model is a great way to monitor trends, watch out for issues, and share insights about the model file with everyone in an easy to consume graphical format. In the past, dashboards were something only the big firms with the big staffs were able to create and manage. But with some free and pretty cheap tools available now, anyone can collect and share the data needed for a slick dashboard that you can share with your team. This session will cover using the Model Checker for Revit to build and generate a report that can be used to monitor model fidelity in a data visualization tool like Power BI and will discuss some best practices around that process.

  • Understand what data is good for long term tracking.
  • Discover how to use the Model Checker for Revit to collect your dashboard data.
  • Learn how a tool like PowerBI can be built into a Revit dashboard.
  • Gain insight to leverage and adapt this process for your own needs.

The Seven Deadly Sins of CAD and BIM Management

Donnie Gladfelter and Jason Kunkel
Are you a glutton for the perfect CAD/BIM standard? Do you lust over other CAD/BIM managers who have the authority to get things done? Do project teams become greedy of their own standards, wrathfully rejecting the standardized and more efficient ways you pridefully implement? You need not become slothful, as this class will focus on ways to put you into the enviable position of having users who listen to you. Combining over two decades of CAD, BIM, and IT support and management experience plus years of working with numerous companies to help support their technical managers and staff, this session talks about the things nobody likes to talk about – the sins CAD and BIM managers commit while doing their jobs. What sins might you be guilty of, and what’s the path to righteous? Join this session to learn some of the common pitfalls, missteps, and misconceptions that come with the job and the how and why to avoid them.

  • Learn common missteps that CAD/BIM Managers often take.
  • Understand the importance of looking at the CAD/BIM Manager job from multiple points of view.
  • Discover strategies to avoid falling into traditional traps.
  • Find out how not to be that, support guy.

As always, our team is very excited about this years conference. From our booth location to client appreciation event, stay tuned for more details as the event draws closer!
What are you most looking forward to at Autodesk University 2019? Let us know in the comments section below.

Meet our AU Speakers at an Upcoming Event

Join us at Autodesk University in Las Vegas or at one of our upcoming events to meet Donnie, Jason and T.J. in person. Check out our list of upcoming webinars and in-person events to learn more.

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