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Convert to Bluebeam Revu 21 in 3 Easy Steps

Emily CanadaMarch 15th, 2023

As many of you have now heard, Bluebeam is switching licensing models in the latest version of Revu, v21.  Historically, Bluebeam has been licensed as a perpetual license, plus a renewable annual maintenance component. Bluebeam was licensed per machine, and required a product key and serial number, for activation. In v21, this is switching to a Named User subscription licensing model.  Now, each individual end user will need their own subscription license, which is tied to their Bluebeam ID.

Bluebeam customers, with active maintenance contracts, are eligible to participate in a conversion program and upgrade to v21.  This program allows you to “trade in” your perpetual licenses for v21 subscriptions, at no additional cost. I've listed out the three steps you need to do to upgrade to v21.

Before converting, please make sure to talk to one of the CADD Microsystems Bluebeam team members, who can assist you in planning your conversion and optimizing your licensing.

Step 1: Convert your Licenses

Your first step to converting your licenses is running the self-upgrade tool, which is connected to the Bluebeam web store.  Login to your account, select your existing licenses to convert to v21, and go through the web store checkout and the transaction will be $0.

Step 2: Accept your invite to the Org Admin Portal

The self-upgrade tool will tell Bluebeam you would like your licenses converted. Your admin will receive an email invitation to the new Org Admin portal, where your subscriptions are managed.

Step 3: Add and assign users in your Org Admin Portal

Now admins can add end users and assign licenses. Your admin can add users individually, or use a provided template to do a bulk upload. End users will be notified immediately after they are added, by a series of emails. These emails will invite them to join v21, set up their BBID (if they do not already have one), and invite them to Bluebeam University. Once v21 is loaded onto an end user's machine, they will simply need to log in with their BBID, and they will be up and running!

Want more information about this conversion? Check out our detailed guide on converting from Bluebeam Revu v20 to v21.

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