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Twelve Days of CADD Care (Day Four): Customer Success

Emily CanadaDecember 6th, 2021

On the fourth day of CADD Care, the CADD team gave to me…a dedicated customer success team!

At CADD our number one priority is our customers' success - we want to see you achieve your goals, and enjoy your experience working with CADD Microsystems at the same time. We have a dedicated customer success team that works with you at every step to provide guidance, resources, and customer-focused programs. This past year we have been busy listening to our customers, and seeing what we can create and provide to you to make sure that you succeed. We are in a cheery holiday mood in the CADD customer success department, as we've enjoyed seeing our customers succeed from our resources and programs. Here are some of our most popular customer success programs and resources.

Autodesk Account Assistance Program

During a AAA call with our CADD Care technical experts, we walk through the activation of your program in the Autodesk Account and general account features such as usage reporting and support case submission.

Named User Transition Program

We provide step-by-step planning and support resources to ensure you have a smooth transition to the named user, including a planning call with our transition technical expert.

Premium Subscription Onboarding

As a Premium Subscription customer, you work with a dedicated customer success manager who provides a formal 90-day onboarding to ensure you get the most out of your Premium Subscription including guidance on implementing Single Sign-On and Directory Group Sync.

Multi-User Licensing Report

Our one-of-a-kind usage report takes your actual usage data from your network licenses and provides you with user data and insights to help you make better decisions around renewal time.

Autodesk Construction Cloud Onboarding

New to the Autodesk Construction Cloud? This onboarding is led by our Construction Practice Manager and will help get you started in the Unified Platform to quickly enjoy the benefits of collaboration.

Along with our customer-focused programs and onboardings, we also provide free webinars created and led by our Practice Managers in every discipline. You can access our upcoming webinars and our recorded webinars here.

We are looking forward to reflecting on how we were able to help our customers achieve their goals and have a great experience as we close out the year. Even more so, we are excited to hear how we can continue to grow our offerings and support, so we can see our customers achieve even bigger goals in 2022.

Check back tomorrow and the rest of this week to see what the CADD team has in store for all Twelve Days of CADD Care.

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