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CADD Extensions Ready for 2021 and Some New Utilities

Jason KunkelJune 4th, 2020

We recently launched the 2021 releases of our potent CADD Extensions. These are a group of easy to use and immediately helpful add-ons for Revit and are available exclusively to our CADD Community members:

New Toolbox for Revit Utilities

To celebrate, we have also released a batch of new Toolbox Utilities in CADD Community. The Utilities are task-driven tools for Revit that help with everyday workflow hiccups that get delivered through Revit. These half dozen are in addition to the almost 40 already available in the Toolbox and available immediately to all Toolbox users.

Set Project Units to Imperial - Start a project with the wrong template? No problem! Set Project Units to Imperial will overwrite all the project units to the default imperial setting.

Set Project Units to Metric - Flip the one above on its head. If you started a project with the wrong template, the Set Project Units to Metric will overwrite all the project units to the default metric setting.

Export Linestyles - Export Linestyles is intended for a quick review of a project's line styles. Running this utility lets you save a CSV text file that lists the linestyles and settings in the active document.

Batch Workset Creator - Easily create a batch of worksets at once from a simple list of workset names in a text file. Perfect to kick off those new projects.

Sample Text View - You can now review and update Revit projects with ease! The Sample Text View helps you to create a drafting view with a sample of every note style in the project. Select All Instances from this view to help updated unwanted text styles.

Sample Linear Dimension Views - Save time and easily update Revit projects! With the Sample Linear Dimension Views, you can create a drafting view with a sample of every linear dim style in the project.

View the full list of CADD Toolbox Utilities here.

CADD Community members can download this asset now: CADD Applications – CADD Add-ins for Revit.

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