How to Transition Your Users to a Named Account

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Autodesk is moving to a named user subscription model, which provides dedicated access for users, and simplified license management. Transitioning your licenses to named users can be done in six steps. We have provided those steps below, as well as links to information and tips on each step. 

Our goal is for you to complete your transition successfully. As a CADD Microsystems customer, our helpdesk team is offering one-on-one planning sessions to help you. Our CADD Care experts will make sure you understand each step before you begin and be there as a resource if you need any questions answered throughout the process. If you’re not currently a CADD Microsystems customer but would like to learn more about this offering, please email Emily Canada, our Customer Success Program Manager.

Previous Version Access 

Your subscription provides access to the current version of the software and five years back, meaning that projects created in versions older than 2017 will need to be upgraded to a supported version (currently 2017-2022). 

Find out how:


Additional resources for this step:

STEP 1: Add users to the Autodesk Account ( at any time leading up to your renewal date. It is recommended to compile a list of users (first name, last name, email) ahead of time. This can be done individually, or in bulk via CSV upload.

Find out how:  


Additional resources for this step:

STEP 2: Assign users to their products in the Autodesk Account ( 

Find out how: 


Additional resources for this step:

You can complete steps 1-2 prior to your named user subscription(s) start date.  Once your named user subscription begins you can continue the transition with steps 3-6.  

STEP 3: Reset the current license for the end-user’s product and workstation. This can be done by an admin updating all devices for all users using a tool from Autodesk, or each user updating each product on an individual workstation. 

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Additional resources for this step:

Additional note:

Before revoking your current user’s license, it’s advisable to upgrade the licensing service to its latest version. This can be found on the Autodesk Licensing Service – Release notes page. The upgrade will enhance the activation process, ensure a seamless experience when using Autodesk software, and prevent licensing errors that may cause downtime.

STEP 4: Have the end-users activate their software using their Autodesk login. Users will now need an internet connection at least once every 30 days while logged in to their software to keep their product active. 

Find out how: 


Additional resources for this step:

STEP 5: Check reporting and activity in the Autodesk Account ( and the LMTools application on your License Server to ensure all users have moved from the network license to the Named User subscription. 

Find out how: 


Additional resources for this step:

STEP 6: Decommission the license server once you’ve confirmed that all users are transitioned to a Named User subscription. 

DISCLAIMER: Only complete this step if you are transitioning ALL of your licenses to named user.

Find out how:  


Additional resources for this step:

Important to Note 

Deadline to Complete Transition  

Your contract admins will receive an email on the day your named user subscription(s) starts. You will have up to 29 days from this date to make the transition. 12:01 AM on day 30 is the cut-off. 

If you do not complete the above steps by this deadline, on the 30th day, all users will be unable to access their software until the steps are completed. 

Quick Tip: There is a “Days Left” counter at the top of your Autodesk Account dashboard to help remind you of the timeline.  

If also Implementing Single Sign-On

It’s advised to update the AdSSO component before switching users’ license type, which can be found here: Autodesk Single Sign On Component (AdSSO) update for 2020 – 2023 product versions. The patch release for the Autodesk Single Sign-On Component includes an OpenSSL upgrade to address security vulnerabilities. By updating, functionality will remain uninterrupted when installing newer Autodesk software or transitioning to SSO for premium users.

Team Communication 

The most impactful thing you can do to ensure a smooth transition is to clearly communicate with your team about: 

  • Access to previous versions of the software, and older files created in them 
  • What the end-user should expect from the transition to Named User Subscriptions 
  • Users will need to connect to the internet once every 30 days to keep their license active   

We are here to support you through this transition but also through all your business needs.  Contact us here and let us know how CADD Microsystems can help make sure you, your team and your projects are successful. 


Have questions?

Contact our Customer Success Program Manager, Emily Canada. She can help you to complete your transition to named users successfully and answer any questions along the way.

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