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Revit 2023: Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade for Architects

Jason KunkelApril 7th, 2022

It's that time of year again! In Spring, we get those great fresh-smelling new versions of software. There are some great reasons for architects to move to Revit 2023 and here are our top 5:

1. Filter by Sheet for Schedules

This is pretty much self-explanatory. You can create one schedule, put it on multiple sheets, but set the schedule to only show the matching elements on that sheet.

It's a great little tweak that should help keep your Project Browser tidier... and I am going to bet it will change how a lot of firms think about keynotes. Not the official Keynotes tool in Revit with a capital "K" but one of the many alternative routes to using keynotes that we see out there.

2. Control Print Order

With the enhancement to the PDF creator in Revit over the years, this is an addition that helps seal this workflow. 2023 allows users to set the order that sheets are printed or saved in a combined PDF. You can select order based on Browser Organization, Sheet Number (Ascending), or for those of you that like to play Jenga, you can order everything manually.

3. Measure in 3D

I dig this one. You can now use the Measure tool in 3D views. Makes it so much easier to work with clients or project teams and communicate in a 3D view and not have to hop to a different view when someone asks "So, how far apart are those two walls?" It's a small addition but helps streamline working in 3D.

4. Some Views on Sheet Tweaks

This is actually a combo of new features that I think work well together.

Duplicate Sheet

The first is actually a 2022 enhancement: the ability to Duplicate a Sheet. Right-click on any sheet and the context menu gives you an option to Duplicate the Sheet. You can choose to have it empty, detailing only, or to copy all the views as well.

I thought the view copy option was a touch problematic and could lead to a cluttered project (it still could) but it keeps the views in the same place, of course, but with this next 2023 feature...

Swap View on Sheet

... you can select that viewport and with a new dropdown in the ribbon replace it with a different view easily. It will all be lined up and in the same place as the original view, helping to keep your drawings consistent.

As noted above, this workflow would start adding a bunch of view copies that end up not on sheets. Luckily this other 2023 new feature makes it easier to find views that are not on sheet...

Project Browser Icons for Views on Sheets

... a simple clean UI change that highlights views that are on sheets already. You can turn this off if you need to, and it is stored in the Revit.ini file.

5. Retain Values While Removing Keys

Number 5 is another workflow enhancement. Key Schedules can be great to simplify the process of filling out data for Rooms, but if you had to make one little adjustment in the past, removing the Key meant you had to type all that data in again. Not anymore! Revit will keep that data for you. A nice time-saver that takes away a big raised eyebrow from using Key Schedules on your projects.

X. New Branding

And don't forget that snazzy new splash screen and new icons!

Don't Forget 2022

There is a batch of other new features in 2023 and don't forget about all the great new features in 2022, if you are still on 2021. This is a great time to move your templates and start taking advantage of the new functionality.



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