Twelve Days of CADD Care (Day Nine): CADD Community

gift day 9
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On the ninth day of CADD Care, the CADD team gave to me… CADD Community!

Every year, the CADD Community makes our Twelve Days of CADD Care list and it’s one of our favorites! We think it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The CADD Community, powered by Global eTraining, is our online portal that provides our members with exclusive access to valuable industry resources including content packs, videos, apps, interactive courses, and whitepapers – all available 24/7(!!). It’s designed by industry experts and built to help our clients use their Autodesk software more efficiently.

Here are some of our favorite features of CADD Community:

Courses – When you become a member, you get access to hundreds of on-demand training courses created by certified instructors.

Content Packs – Our content packs contain hundreds of downloadable assets. Each content pack focuses on specific software with expert-built content you can incorporate into your next project.

Add-Ons – The Autodesk software add-ons help you streamline your most tedious workflows.

The CADD Toolbox – A one-stop-shop for members to access content including videos, Dynamo Scrips, families, blog posts and…..utilities. These utilities are custom-created by the team here at CADD to do a whole host of tasks that either aren’t possible in Revit natively or are just very tedious without them.

Give your team the gift of CADD Community this holiday season! If you’re interested in the CADD Community and checking out the features mentioned above, click here to learn more about becoming a member. You can also complete this short form and we will contact you.

Happy Holidays!


Check back the rest of the week to see what the CADD team has in store for all Twelve Days of CADD Care.

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Join in the Twelve Days of Giving

Tis the season for giving back. If you are looking for ways to get involved in your local community this holiday season, visit our CADD Foundation page for a full list of volunteer opportunities.

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